Agroforestry is Transforming Funzi

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Mon, 02/16/2015 - 15:08 -- mike
Gando, Pemba

Back in 2012, CFP began working with the Kokota community to develop agroforestry systems on their neighboring island of Funzi.  When CFP first began working with Kokota, they relied almost exclusively on fishing as their sole source of income.  However, with the assistance of CFP's Agroforestry Officer, Ali Hamad Ali, this community was able to transform Funzi from a scrubland into a source of nutrition and income.  Over the past three years, these farmers have planted fruit and timber in conjunction with annual crops, like cassava and bananas.  Now, they are able to grow more bananas and cassava than they can eat, and they are able to sell their surplus to neighboring fishing villages.

The picture above sums up nicely the agroforestry being practiced in Funzi.  Fruit trees, such as the Soursop in the foreground and the papaya on the far left are surrounded by annual crops like the cassava in the background and the banana tree of which you can see a left in the upper left corner.

Three years of hard work are bearing fruit, both figuratively and literally!

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