Preparations of Agroforestry

Fri, 03/06/2015 - 13:23 -- mike

Preparatory work of agroforestry is underway for 2015 season for our communities.  We are preparing the fields, particularly the collection of Manure as a fertilizer.  We are also ongoing with GPS mapping of each agroforestry system for monitoring and evaluation.  We have reached 27.5 hectares already. We are continuing with the distribution of improved seeds.  A total of 150kg of maize seeds have been distributed to the communities and efforts continue to find different more seeds. Among communities implementing this project are Maziwa Ng’ombe, Wingwi Mapofu,  Gando, Masota, Kambini, Kiuyu Minungwini, Kiungoni, Fundo, Pujini and Kokota

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