Alternative Agriculture

Our communities are practicing a multitude of small-scale gardening techniques to increase their access to the fruits and vegetables necessary for a healthy diet.

Biointensive Gardening

With biointensive gardening  you dig deeper to reduce competition between root systems, which allows more plants to be planted in a smaller area.

Container Gardens

Container Gardens allow community members with limited land an/or water to grow vegetables. We teach people to use large sacks, but any container with drainage will work.  The sack is filled with soil, and notches are cut in the sack at various levels. The seeds are then planted in the notches.  By vertically layering the plants, a small amound of water can reach all of them as gravity feeds it from the top to the bottom of the sack.

Key Gardens

Key gardens are raised circular beds with a notch cut out of them for standing in. The raised beds reduce competition between root systems and enable more plants to be grown in a smaller area.


Composting turns organic waste material into plant food. We are ultimately working with our communities enable them to establish self sufficient permaculture gardens around their homes that will provide all year round.